Privacy Policy and its affiliates take online privacy seriously. Any data that we collect as a result of your use of the site remains confidential, unless you or we explicitly state otherwise.

Like virtually all web sites, we collect information about our visitors and how they use this site. Most of this data is used for general informational purposes and we make no effort whatever to individually or personally identify you or your use of the site, except where we have your explicit approval.

The data we do collect are used primarily for three purposes:

  • to analyze our traffic and usage patterns
  • to target advertisements
  • to personalize our site for individuals or groups of users

The following paragraphs describe further how we collect user data and what we do with it. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Log Files

On our site, as on most all sites, our computers keep a record of your activity on the site in something called a log file. Most log files, including ours, contain basic information like what pages were viewed for how long in what sequence and at what time. We use this information to analyze trends, administer the site, track user movements, and gather broad demographic information for aggregate use. We make no effort to identify individual IP addresses or to associate logged click streams with individual users.

When we share log file information with our advertisers, partners, or anyone else, we do so only in the aggregate and not in way that would allow identification of individual users. For example, we might provide something that says: "Our average user visits 3x per year and views 5 pages per visit."


A 'cookie' is a small file that a web site stores on your computer to help keep things organized. Like most all websites, we use cookies to allow you to customize certain aspects of the site and to allow us to keep track of who is doing what on our site.

Our cookies contain small bits of information that allow our computers to say, for instance, "this person has visited us 3 times before" or "this person told us they like to see temperatures in Celsius, not Fahrenheit." Among many other things, they also help us determine which sections of our site are the most popular, which sections are not, and which sections seem hardest for people to use.

To protect your privacy, we use minimalist cookies that track only essential information that helps deliver a better experience to you. We do not use cookies to gather demographic information about you (unless you explicitly provide it to us). And we take steps to ensure that our cookies contain no malicious code that could harm your computer.

Cookies & Advertising

We contract with reputable advertising vendors to serve advertisements on our site. In the course of delivering these ads, these vendors may also create and store their own cookies on your computer. Generally speaking, these cookies are intended to help these firms present more relevant advertising to you.

While we make an effort to do business with reputable vendors, ultimately we have no control over these independent companies, the cookies they employ, or the manner in which they use information obtained through them.

If you are uncomfortable about accepting cookies from us or from our advertising vendors, you may adjust the settings in your browser to reject these cookies. Please note that doing so may limit some aspects of your experience at However, for the most part, the site will continue to work and you will experience most all the functionality that we offer.

User Submitted Information

In certain situations, receives information voluntarily from you while you are using the site. For instance, we receive information from you when you register for the site, leave a comment on one of our pages, vote in one of our polls, or participate in a special offer. When we receive such personal information, we store it either on our servers, in the cookie we maintain on your computer, or both.

We will treat any information you provide us with utmost care to protect your individual privacy, consistent with the terms under which the information was received. As a general rule, we will not use your information internally in a way that compromises your privacy, nor will we share it with business partners, advertisers, or others in such a fashion.

However, please be aware that in some cases we do solicit information for marketing or other purposes where usage of your information may differ from our general practices. For instance, a special promotional offer conducted in collaboration with a business partner that requires that business partner to receive your email address or other information. All such situations will be clearly labeled and will give you ample opportunity to decline participation or, in some cases, to opt-out of or limit how you participate. For this reason, we recommend that you be attentive to these special situations and ensure that you are providing your information on an informed basis.

Special Offers

We periodically send out updates about new features, special offers from partners or advertisers, or other information we believe our users might find relevant. Individuals who have provided us with their email address will receive these offers unless they have opted-out. Generally, it is easy to opt-out either at the time of initial registration (normally there is a check-box to opt-out just before you click 'ok') or you can do so through a link in the offer email itself (normally this link will be at the bottom of the email). If you are having continuing problems, please email us and we will resolve the issue.


In partnership with our hosting provider, this website takes extensive precautions to protect your information as well as the website itself from unauthorized access and use. This includes a full compliment of electronic security measures (such as firewalls and anti-virus programs) as well as physical security measures (such biometric door locks) to keep intruders away from equipment and documentation.

Links to Other Websites

While this website contains links to many other websites, please be aware that has not reviewed and is not responsible for the privacy practices of any of these sites. This privacy statement applies solely to this site and makes no representation whatsoever about the practices of any other site.

To make it easier to see when you've left our site, we have tried to make external links automatically open in a new browser window or tab. However, we cannot guarantee this will happen and you should be mindful of when you are no longer on At such time, we recommend you review the privacy policies of those sites and take appropriate steps to protect your privacy.

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If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please email us at 'info -@-'.


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